April 20, 2012

Beauty Is In the Eye of the Creator

I came across this photo the other day, and boy did it make me feel better!  That’s right – better, not worse.  Go on -- get a good look at it (right click on it, then left click "View Image", then hit CTRL and the "+" on your keyboard to zoom in).

Why do I love it, you ask?

Because I think this photo (which came to me titled, "Ugly Women", by the way) is an example of the difference between how we see ourselves and how God sees us.  The top row of photos is how we sometimes see ourselves – perhaps generally happy, but raw, simple, unadorned, and maybe even drab.

The bottom row of photos is how God sees us, how He sees our potential.  Not necessarily to be artificially painted and coiffed and all dolled up.  But rather, taking the raw, simple, unadorned person He created (remember?  Who made you? God made you!), God sees how He can magnify, beautify, and enhance the best of our God-given talents and attributes, so our inner splendor truly sparkles, shines, is radiant, and glows for His glory!

Remember Who made you?  God made you.  And He doesn’t make mistakes.

Remember His sacrifice on the cross?  For you.  YOU!

Remember that God sees both – no, ALL – aspects of you:  the face you show your family; the face you show your boss; the face you show your kids; the face you show your friends; and the face you show your mother-in-law (…c’mon, let’s be honest).  Different people see different sides of us because different situations and different relationships yield unique situations which require unique reactions and unique forms of support.  It’s not being two-faced or lying.  It’s utilizing various aspects of your overall personality to support and love the person who is in front of you at that moment.

God is in front of you at EVERY moment.  And He sees and loves ALL aspects of you.  Even the drab, everyday side of you.


(…there’s always a but, isn’t there?)

That doesn’t mean you should settle and stay that way.  “Well, God loves me the way I am.  So why change?”

We all might look interiorly like the top row of photos, but God calls us to remember His love, remember He made us for a higher purpose, and remember that – if we but focus on His will for us in our lives – we can be more!  We can reflect His love and His purpose in great, glamorous, and glorious ways!

Can you imagine!?  Reflecting God’s love?  Talk about being a beacon!  Wow!

So get up!  Get dressed!  Get going!  Let God be your stylist!  Listen to what He wants.  Learn His will for you.  And rejoice in letting your spirit shine and getting glammed up for God!

P.S. - Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I also must admit that it was a relief to see these photos.  You mean all those fabulous-looking women on the red carpet weren't just born that way!?  (*gasp!*)  You mean they are ordinary mere mortals like you and me, who happen to have a phalanx of stylists and a borrowed, knock-out, designer wardrobe!?  Wow.  I am shocked.  Because at my house, it's an achievement just to brush my teeth and put on matching sneakers before The Barbarian Hoard descends upon me first thing in the morning.

You, too?  Really?  Whew.  I'm glad it's not just me.

Hey, I've got an idea -- let's pray for each other first thing in the morning, shall we?  I'll pray my "Our Lady of Czestochowa" morning offering for you, and you pray one of your morning prayers for me, okay? 

Ahhhh.  There.  Now I feel much better!  Enjoy a day full of His blessings!

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Ern, Shan, Kat and Kitty said...

I love this! Thanks for taking the time to post it. Laura Breslin