May 16, 2012

Tales From the Front: Good Idea; Bad Idea

Tales From the Front (the sometimes-war-like zone in which we raise our toddlers!):

Good Idea -- BABY WIPES!  They make excellent, instant, emergency, carpet spot cleaners!  Really!  ...the Lord knows we've tried it enough times to know.  Not to mention they also remove makeup, window sill crud, washable marker on walls and children's faces, and that dusty dirt that accumulates on your van's dashboard.

Bad Idea -- THE POTTY STOOL!  Whomever thought it was a good idea to invent "the potty stool" (it is both a potty and, with the lid closed, a one-step stool) never has been at my house after one toddler uses the potty, closes the lid, and walks away, only to be followed by the next oblivious, independent-minded toddler who needs the stool, which he picks up (unaware that it is full of the previous occupant's leavings) and jogs with it into the kitchen, leaving a bright trail of urine to mark his path.


Yes, yes, I know -- yet another opportunity for humility and service to His least ones.

But, I duct-taped the potty shut (yes, of course after cleaning it!).  It's now permanently a stool, and we invested in a ring-potty-seat that goes on the regular toilet seat.

Call me Wonder Woman -- one more crisis averted.  Amen!

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