November 4, 2012

Kitchen Tip #1 for the Inept

Here's hoping I'm not the only person out there who sometimes has to dust off her stove or wasn't quite sure what all those numbers were for on those dials above the, um, thingy.

I'm sure that far more competent cooks than I (and probably even lesser ones, as hard to imagine as that might be) already know this quick 'n dirty trick for shredding chicken, but I can tell you it was a most welcome revelation to me!  Drop boiled, cooked, boneless, skinless chicken breast pieces into your kitchen mixer (yes, normally the bastion of all baked goods), spin it up and *voila!*  Shredded chicken ready literally in 10 seconds or less for BBQ sandwiches, soft shell burritos, omelettes, and more!

Thank you, Jen Schmidt, at for this amazing tip!  You also can visit her blog at

Yum!  Enjoy!

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