February 17, 2013

Prayer for the Election of a New Pope

† Pray this prayer once daily until a new Pope is elected! †

Mary, powerful Virgin, you are the mighty and glorious protector of the Church. Your son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, is the source of eternal life and truth.  We come to you now, Mother Mary, asking for your intercessory prayers that a Pope of God's choosing, through the Holy Spirit, is elected.

Holy Spirit enlighten the hearts of our shepherds, the Cardinals, during the conclave of electing a new Pope for the Catholic Church. Give them a spirit of courage, right judgment, knowledge, prudence and wisdom. May the Conclave of Cardinals, with fidelity to the Holy Spirit, choose the new Pope who, as successor to the apostle Peter and Vicar of Christ, will continue to build Your Church into a sacrament of unity, love, and peace for all the world.

Lord, in Your mercy, grant Your Church a shepherd who will walk in Your ways.  We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


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