March 20, 2013

The Tomb Is Empty!

If you've got a green thumb, here's a nice indoor project to do in anticipation of finding the empty tomb on Easter morning!  It takes about seven days to come to fruition, so plan ahead.

Using a shallow dish, potting soil, shade grass seed, rocks, miniature crosses made from twigs, and a tiny buried flower pot, you can create a table-top Easter garden featuring the empty tomb!  Just keep it in a warm, sunny spot, and moisten it with several spritzes a day from a spray water bottle.  It's a fun project for the kids, and a beautiful reminder for us all of the stone being rolled away from the garden tomb.

Keep the flower pot's sepulchre opening closed with a larger rock until Easter Sunday morning!  And then.......

Christ is risen!  Indeed, He is risen!

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