February 10, 2015

Catholic Online Conference for Moms - FREE!

BannerFans.comRemember seeing in the pet store those little plastic terrariums with the hamster racing, panting, on his itsy, bitsy, endlessly, rapidly spinning wheel?  Ever feel like that?

Yeah.  Me, too.

This Lent, treat yourself to a shot in the arm of well-earned spiritual adrenaline!  Here is your opportunity to attend a free, online, Catholic, moms conference next month:


You'll receive a daily e-mail for each of the four days, with links to the speakers for that day.  You may listen to the speakers at any time that day -- before the kids are up, on lunch break, after school, or even after the kids are in bed.

And it's FREE!

That's it!

You pick the speakers.  You pick when to listen to them!  At the end of the conference, if you missed anyone or just want to share a great talk with a friend, you may purchase the entire conference on audio for just $40.00.  But, for this initial airing, the entire conference is FREE for YOU!

Give it some thought.  Give it your time.  Give it to another mom friend.  Because as moms, YOU are worth it!

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