September 19, 2015

On Mary

I've always marveled at why the Blessed Mother even gives us the time of day.  I mean, really.  We crucified her Son.  Would YOU be interested in befriending someone who did that to YOUR only child?

If you have children, then you understand the ultimate protective feelings engendered if anyone so much as threatens to look cross-eyed at one of your offspring.  And yet, despite what we have done to Jesus -- Mary's only Son -- in sending Him to the cross for crucifixion, Our Lady STILL nevertheless mercifully reaches out to us in our sinfulness, accepts us as her own, encourages us, and always points us toward Him, her only Son.


Is there any better example of selfless obedience, humility, and service to God?

Our Faith teaches us that we were made to know, love, and serve God in this world and be happy with Him forever in Heaven.

Mary teaches us HOW to know, love, and serve God in this world, so we may be happy with Him forever in Heaven.

Is there any greater gift of hope to the human race than the ongoing loving example of the Mother of God?


Lori Doerneman said...

I love this reflection. I love, love, LOVE Mary and have never thought of my relationship with her in this way. Thank you!

Ave Momma said...

Thanks, Lori! It's really humbling, isn't it? Truly, the most selfless example of a mother's love for ALL her children. Thank you for reading and sharing!