February 11, 2012

Feast of St. Scholastica

Today is the feast of St. Scholastica.  I've always loved how she went over her brother, St. Benedict's, head to jump up the chain of command and get what she wanted!

Oh.  You're not familiar with that story?  Well!

St. Scholastica was the twin sister of St. Benedict, and both went on to found holy orders at Monte Cassino, Italy, within five miles of each other.  The two would meet at a farmhouse between their respective religious houses to discuss all things holy in life.  At what was to be their last meeting, Scholastica sensed she soon would be called home to God, and asked Benedict to stay in the farmhouse for the night, so the two could stay up throughout the evening continuing their discussions.

Benedict, being a good Rule-follower (having, um, written the actual monastic rule), refused to do so, as he did not want to violate his own rule and spend the night outside a monastery.  Greatly distressed, Scholastica prayed fervently to God.  Shortly thereafter, a violent storm arose outside, preventing Benedict and his humble entourage from leaving.

"Sister!" he exclaimed.  "What have you done!?"

Scholastic smiled.  "I asked you for a favor, and you refused.  I asked God and He granted it."

Three days later, back inside the walls of his own monastery, Benedict beheld the soul of his sister rising to heaven in the form of a dove.  He buried her within the sepulchre he had built for himself.

Here's a copy of our favorite book here at home, telling the whole tale in brilliant form (you can purchase it here - scroll down to the direct link to Amazon in the right sidebar):

So remember, it's God whom you should ask whenever you REALLY need a favor!  Enjoy!

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