February 9, 2012

Homeschool Support Groups

If you homeschool, I strongly urge you to join a local support group with a similar faith, style, and values to yours.  We definitely are not "group therapy" type of people, but I don't know what I would do without the contact, interaction, shared faith, play time, and sustenance of our homeschool group.  Our affinity is so strong that when our national entity disbanded, our local group (within one week!) took steps to form a new organization, a non-profit, and a bank account so we seamlessly could continue the support and activity of our educational faith family.

How truly grateful I am!

Really, where else can you take your eight year old daughter to a gathering of her shrieking, giggling peers (in this case, Little Flowers, which basically is like Catholic Girl Scouts, but is focused on our faith) and learn on the way home that one of the hot topics of their conversation was to determine on which day each girl goes to Adoration?  (They had almost the whole week covered!)

Find "your people" and mesh with them.  Sign up.  Show up.  Get involved.  Their children are the people you want your children to learn from, and vice versa.

May God bless the families of our homeschool group in the same measure as they have brought joy to ours!

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