June 2, 2012

Summertime Modesty in Church

It's summertime, ladies, and we women and girls have the luxury of choosing from a plethora of fashion options to enhance and highlight our natural beauty!

However, let's be mindful that all things bright and beautiful come from God, and that true beauty comes from within -- in Rome and Vatican City, tourists are turned away from some churches because of sleeveless, short, or revealing clothing.  But, here in the 'States, there seems to be a lesser regard for the sanctity of holy space and the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

I mean, seriously -- do my husband and sons really need to see a girl's bare shoulders, her bra straps, and bare thighs in the pew right in front of them, when they're trying to look up and focus toward the Eucharist on the altar?

Ladies, if we women want our men -- your husband, your sons, your brothers -- to be chaste according to their station in life, we need to not lead them into temptation.  If you're clever and have good taste, you can look ravishing without being revealing.

(Plus, honestly girls, half that stuff actually only looks good on Heidi Klum anyway.)

Highlight your feminine mystique without giving it away!

Happy Summer!

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materetmagistra said...

Amen! And thanks for mentioning the need for sleeves. That one is usually forgotten by ladies who mind their cleavage, skirt length & how snug their clothes fit. If bare arms are not presentable at the Vatican, why should they be in the presence of any other tabernacle throughout the world?