June 26, 2012

Toys, Son? Or Poison?

My husband and I recently were lamenting that our one year old, while thankfully the possessor of a placid and cheery personality, unfortunately also has turned out to be the child most likely to try to plug a fork into the nearest electrical outlet.  (Why do they have to make those things look like smiley faces, anyway?)


Instead of rifling through the mountains of toy bins in our house, he instead insists on methodically tearing through each and every kitchen cabinet, systematically dismantling my carefully constructed storage.  And it isn't limited to the tupperware drawer.  He's into EVERYthing!

I foiled him on one attempt by swapping my clean rags and cleaning solutions -- I put the cleaning solutions in an upper cabinet near the ceiling, and then stocked the underside of my sink with harmless rags, rubber gloves, and the dish drainer.

(Yeah.  He was NOT real happy about that.)

Searching for more ways to avert his potentially life threatening adventures, my husband came up with another plan.  "I know!" he exclaimed.  "Let's put the poisons in the toy chest and the toys under the sink!"

Wow!  Brilliant!  I'll let you know if it works.

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