October 17, 2013

Thankfulness Tree

We have this gold, um, tree.  Really kinda scanty, but it was a gift from someone.  A priest, actually.  So we couldn't just throw it away.  Instead, we "re-purposed" it and call it our "Thankfulness Tree"!

At Thanksgiving, we decorate the tree with paper leaves on which we write people or things for which we were thankful.

At Christmas, we decorate the tree with paper snowflakes, both simple and elaborate, which (when combined with the requisite hot cocoa!) is a great afternoon togetherness activity for all levels of scissor cutting skills.

At St. Valentine's Day, we cut out hearts and write on them the names of people who love us or whom we love.

The possibilities are endless!

To me, I just love seeing the kids joyfully scampering to add another person or thing in their lives for which they are grateful.  It ain't sunshine and roses around here every day, but the Thankfulness Tree is a tangible reminder of just how truly blessed we are.

If you're interested in finding a Thankfulness Tree, now might be the time to go shopping for one!  If you can get past the more macabre Halloween decorations, some craft or home goods stores might carry amongst their Halloween fare some creepy bare black trees, which easily can be transformed with a coat of gold, white, or happy colored spray paint!


If shopping's not in the budget, make a construction paper tree on the wall or the 'fridge or the back of a door.  Again, the possiblities are endless!

Be blessed!  Be thankful!  And enjoy!

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