November 4, 2013

Keep the Toddler Busy!

Here's another (actually useful) idea to keep your toddler busy (I know, because mine are doing it right now and have been for the past 20 minutes -- score!):

Gather all your stencils, crayons, pencils, and markers and a large sheet of newsprint.  Spread the kids out on a hard floor, tear off a sheet for each of them, and let 'em rip!  The stencils are great because the little ones do not need your help to "draw" or scribble, and you can get a newspaper endroll for $4.00 from the front desk of the Frederick News Post off of New Design Road, which should last you all year.

Now you actually
can TEACH your older kids.  In peace.  For a little while.

Enjoy!  :-D

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